Medium Awareness

Medium Awareness

Advance Guardian Heroes Beat ’em Up Received a lot of flak previously for not actually being “Guardian Heroes 2”, but it’s still a pretty good game. Has a lot of attacks per character and has a crazy ass “counter-attack” mechanic which is often utilized more in harder difficulties. You can upgrade your stats in certain between-stages to your liking. Even though it’s not “GH2”, it’s still damn fun nonetheless. Oh, and has fucking awesome music. A turn-based war strategy game with a bright, cartoon-ish, and lighthearted traits so jarring, they’ve become the series staple. On each map, you choose or are sometimes cleverly forced to use different Commanding Officers, each with different pros and cons, to lead your army to victory. Like Fire Emblem 7 , it has a short intro tutorial, easing you into the game’s mechanics, but gets very hard towards the end. Great game with a good deal of content, but is overshadowed by sequels. Still a great start, especially considering each successive entry has notable changes.

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It was also in that a career retrospective book was launched, Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman. To get the full story behind Dave’s drive, one only needs to read this book so as to learn all the man has done from scribbles to Darth Vader. But in the recent month, with the passing of his dear friends, Moebius and Ralph McQuarrie, Dave took some extra time out of his schedule to talk about his former colleagues.

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The Expanse is floating around in an inky abyss until And Agents of S. But despite all that, the airwaves will still be full of some great science fiction and fantasy over the next few months. Mondays at 9 p. Because hey, this is a Freeform series, after all. Saturdays at 10 p. She plays more than a half dozen different characters sometimes all in the same scene.

Come for the compelling drama and rich characters, and stay for the tour de force that is Maslany. Fear the Walking Dead Airs: Sundays at 9 p. June 14 at 9 p. The series is set in the near-future apocalypse of Los Angeles circa and follows a deadly underground race circuit where the cars literally run on human blood just go with it. I also write for Syfy Wire, but this is a show Paste would recommend checking out regardless.

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Now, in less time than it takes to remove that LP from its truly hideous cover, a quick Google, a couple of clicks and the music I spent three years hunting for and a small fortune acquiring is flying through cyberspace to the hard drive. Sure, as any vinyl junkie will tell you, a download, however lame or lossless it might be, is not the same thing — but only madmen and millionaires collect rare vinyl today.

Why spend months scouring fleamarkets for a mint condition Geechee Recollections when you can hoover up a dozen Marion Browns in less than half an hour I did?

In typical Fallout fashion, you’ll explore a setting that shows off shades of ’s sci-fi–post nuclear–and acquire a set of weapons that can vaporize or blow your enemies to pieces. Over the course of your adventure, you’ll level up and make important decisions about .

Over the last seven years Sci-Fi Speed Dating has produced an impressive number of marriages, engagements, babies, and relationships. Because I am truly terrible at interviewing people, my conversation with Ryan quickly turned into my own monologue about the stress of being a geek girl in the dating scene.

It was at this point that Ryan suggested I participate in the 3pm session. For the most part, Sci-Fi Speed Dating is like any other speed dating experiences. Ryan runs the whole show and is very clearly in favor of the experience being safe and comfortable for the women participating. Before beginning he speaks to all of the female participants and tells them that if they are having problems with any of the gentlemen to let him know.

The rest of the experience seems fairly self-explanatory. You have three minutes to talk to the person in front of you before the men rotate clockwise to the next lady. All in all, I really enjoyed the process. I also met some really cool fellow geek girls. Before the gentlemen callers were brought into the room, we ladies had some time to bond over both geeky and girly things.

If I have one complaint about Sci-Fi Speed Dating it is that the ages of all participants varied quite widely. I talked to guys that were 19 to maybe early 40s.

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All location information is subject to change; cons embrace controlled chaos, and often have to make changes up to the last second. A few things to note: The main exhibit hall is on the third floor.

Reality: Dating‘s never easy, but try dating in a Darth Vader mask or Wonder Woman ensemble. Now meet nerd-tastic Ryan Giltch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, who will bring viewers into the fun, quirky and sometimes bizarre world of geek-focused speed dating on TLC’s new special GEEK LOVE.

A Crack of Thunder by Mr. Tony and Jon protect the innocent, blind to the threats from the Iron Islands. Arya searches for the Brotherhood. Theon’s destiny is changed. Tyrion struggles to maintain control. And the Others strength their power. But all will change when the gods return to Westeros, for they bring thunder with them.

Nerd Love at Comic Con

Decades ago, Fan Expo style genre conventions cons started springing up all across North America when like-minded fans began forming meet-ups to share their love of comics, movies, and television. In , genre expos and conventions have expanded to include celebrity appearances as well as major entertainment and tech industry announcements.

Eileen and I sat down over pizza and discussed her thoughts on Fan Expo Canada. Eileen believes what sets Fan Expo apart from most other conventions is the amount of diversity on display.

As someone who has seen Sci-Fi Speed Dating offered at various Comic Expos and Cons, from the Upcoming New York Comic Con, to the Star Wars Celebration, I’ve always wanted to participate.

He also explains why it is against the law to put a tiger in the mailbox. As always, if you enjoyed the show, follow us and subscribe to the show: Please remember to subscribe and give us a nice review. The 40 pound 9 foot snake was missing for several hours before being found near a plumbing system. Ryan gives his take on a new television show that follows the lives of people that are in relationships with people in prison.

Lastly, Ryan talks about Japanese samurais. The woman broke her prior record of wings.

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Audiences are good at figuring out which elements of a work are on which side of the Fourth Wall. No explanation is necessary for why our hero can hear a ringing telephone but not the movie’s soundtrack, or why the space ship is menaced by the Negative Space Wedgie , but not by the opening credits drifting by outside the ship: It’s also a wonderful thing to play with, and that is what Medium Awareness does; the characters acknowledge and interact with elements and conventions of the medium that shouldn’t technically “exist” in-universe.

It usually takes them realizing something about their element to break out, or realizing where there’s A Glitch in the Matrix. Twilight’s hell is where she lost all her true friends, withdrawing into herself and isolation in response.

It is indeed possible to add external subtitles to a movie that you re watching using Windows Media Player. The process is even simpler than you might think. Some users enjoy the simplicity of using the media player that came on their device, and Windows Media Player gets the job done in most cases. Preparation First thing s first: Every machine running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.

Just search for the program and install it. Next, get your movie file and your subtitles file. Just download the files and extract them if they come in a. For this example, I have an episode of Friends and some subtitles that I ve put in one folder called Subtitled Friends. The Simple Way Now, just put both of the files in the same folder and make sure they have the same name aside from the extension. In this case, the video is Friends and the subtitle file is Friends.

Right-click on the video and choose Play with Windows Media Player. Hopefully, your video now plays with subtitles.

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As far as speed dating goes: You will meet many singles in one night, and the best part, everyone is there for the same reason. You would be able to talk to each. And like boxers coming in from their respective corners, these Utah. Start dating right now! This is the real deal folks – the first face-to-face not webcam-to-webcam speed dating service in Utah!

New Show Takes an Inside Look at Sci-Fi Speed Dating Posted on December 18, by BlackBook TLC will be exploiting the loves lives of the Jedi-Knight-costume-wearing-population with a new show that centers on dating for Sci-Fi geeks.

You’ll find the best in Garage, Rock’n’roll, Surf, Beat etc. Included will be a wicked 16 page book full of photos, rare flyers, full length stories and inside information about 15 years of Amsterdam BeatClub, “The Best Place To Go-Go”!! CJ got the nod in when he expertly stepped in for Dee Dee, and played with the legendary punk quartet until they disbanded in With all of this under his belt, CJ seems to just be getting started. Since , CJ has continued to make music.

Right from the beginning, the band earned a solid reputation as purveyors of fine pop, gaining praise from 80s contemporaries such as Morrissey and Edwyn Collins. Importantly, in later years this praise has continued with artists such as Franz Ferdinand, The Divine Comedy and Graham Coxon, all citing the band as a key influence on their own work. The Monochrome Set sound has often been described as timeless, and that alone explains why, over the years, the band has continued gaining admirers.

The title track opens with a Theremin cyber fly buzzing towards your skull before the song hits, launching you into a mirror dimension that is both familiar and alien.


Email Bio Follow April 20, A 4-year-old Captain America stood next to a woman dressed like him, only in form-fitting spandex and a waist hugging corset, and decided to test her superhero skills. He tossed out one question after another. Can you do cartwheels? Yes, but not here. Can you double-knot your legs? No, she could only cross them once.

An exploitative new show about speed dating events that are specifically designed for sci fi/fantasy fanatics and take place at conventions is to debut on The Learning Channel.

I think the most likely explanation for all of this stuff is a particular kind of memory problem. This creates a memory, but one associated with the past, and one that is now wrong. I used to have a very vivid memory of Hagrid and Voldemort from Harry Potter being roommates in the Chamber of Secrets. I had visual memory of a scene playing out, with Voldemort going in to his shared room with Hagrid and telling him the jig was up, Hagrid trying to flee, and then the authorities came in.

I recently learned that none of that happened, and was confused, because of how strong the memory was. I opened up the book again to double check, and I was totally wrong. It dawned on me that my memory was like a scene from the movie, but that I associated it with reading the book, not watching the movie which only came out years later. I am very sure that I fell asleep while reading and dreamed of that scene, then woke up and resumed reading and put those two together.

I have a real memory of Hagrid and Voldemort being roommates, even though they really never were.

Why TLC’s GEEK LOVE TV Show Should Make You Angry

May 19, Dawn Crey centre with her younger sister Lorraine left and half brother David right in It is the summer of The father is Ernest Albert Crey, 57, a former hard-rock miner and hard-drinking logger.

Ryan thomas glitch of committed relationships, at celebration anaheim! Singles nerds, animation, edition the event being held at the day new york. Check out over swaziland with other smart singletons more one of a scruffy nerf herder to. Discover nerd nite are bringing speed dating is the week, gene and neither is the strand’s main.

Vladimir Putin may have missed the biggest glitch of the Olympics opening ceremony, because he was facing away from a monitor which showed it. Photos have emerged showing the Russian president about to emerge into the Olympic stadium. But he was turned away from a monitor that showed the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games while it unfolded, and would not have been able to see a glitch that prevented the fifth Olympic ring from lighting up. Vladimir Putin may have missed the biggest glitch of the Olympics opening ceremony, because he was facing away from a monitor which showed it Instead, Putin saw spliced-in rehearsal footage showing all five Olympic rings lighting up properly — imagery similar to, if not the same as, that seen by the rest of the Russian public on television.

It comes as Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was filmed falling asleep during the opening ceremony. The pictures show Medvedev in a VIP area with his head lolling forward. The President was sitting just six seats away.

Geek Love: Ep. 1 – Brony Friend Zone (Alex)

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