How To Measure

How To Measure

Measuring and installing beautiful window treatments will be a breeze with our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Window treatments are always measured width by length, and the width is always stated first. Valances also are measured width for length, and generally take up the top one-quarter to one-third of the window. Measuring for an outside mount: Generally for an outside mount, window hardware is mounted one to three inches above the top edge of the window frame. Measure horizontally from the outside edge of one side of the window molding to the outside edge of the other side A. Measure in three places: Take the widest of these measurements as your window width measurement. An important note about fullness: Less fullness will produce a more tailored look, while more fullness will create a richer, more opulent appearance.

Khloe’s Australian Hookup

The first, involves using a cloth, some dish liquid, water, a bucket and your hand — the second involves taking the blinds down, putting them in your bathtub, scrubbing them, drying them and then putting the blinds back up. To me, one measure seems reasonable and the other extreme, any guesses as to which is which?

Now, I have never had anything so nasty on my blinds that it required me to remove them from the window to clean them. The thought behind this method is to get a thorough clean and for it to be easier to do.

Blind spares & blind parts from With over 26 years experience, blind parts for blinds including replacement vertical blind slats.

Tweet on Twitter Several of our readers have expressed frustration and anxiety about how to deal with hard to reach window treatments once Spring comes and the sun is out again. Many of who, mentioned feeling like they are living in a cave because they pull the shades down for the sunny months and only open them in the winter. Others are tired of hauling a step ladder behind them from window to window. In fact there are three different options for those hard to reach windows when you custom order your window treatments.

Remote control window blinds are the most expensive option and come with several different options. You can either get a remote or a wall mounted switch. The video below, shows off an alternative power setup and installation that might work for you as well. Cordless window treatments are available on almost all styles of custom ordered blinds and shades, including cellular shades , Roman Shades , Roller Shades, Aluminum Blinds, Pleated Shades and CordlessWood Blinds. The handles to push the window treatment up and down have a small hole that the hook on the pole fits into making it easier to line up and push or pull the window treatment open.

The hook on the end of the pole is similar to the ones they use at clothing stores to get the hangers down from up high. You can always cut it down to what you need later.

Blackout Blinds

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Tired of adjusting your blinds depending on outside lighting conditions? YouTuber “Dial” has the solution! Perhaps you’ve seen hacks where people hook a servo up to blinds to flip them open and shut.

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Roller Blinds

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Hi I’m Jason from the brand Blockout Blinds and today I’m here to show you how to put an automatic awning up and down correctly the first time and every time. And the blind is back up. And of course, I’ll take my hook off and my pole and I’ll put this away in safe keeping.

Attach and remove blackoutblind as required. You can also use it with our suction cups not included in this kit to use your easyblackout when away from home. Light enough to carry with you in its own handy bag, its suction cups make it versatile for use anywhere. In a range of sizes for windows up to 3m x 1. The Stick On blackout sheet is a lightweight and flexible plastic sheet, which totally blocks all light! Item was delivered within 24 hours and the cutting service allowed us to fit within 5 minutes.

We are talking coal mine standards:

Easy Roman Blinds

Outside mounted blinds cover up part of the frame and the mounting bracket holes will show if the brackets are removed at a later date. One compelling reason to go with outside mount is if the window frame is too shallow to accommodate the mounting brackets. Wood and faux wood blinds are available at a higher cost. Also, blinds come either with a cord for lowering and raising the slats or without a cord slats are raised and lowered by moving the bottom rail up or down.

Corded shades are readily available and cordless may need to be special ordered. Cords are a hazard to young children, so choose the safer cordless option if kids will be around.

Wood blinds throughout house. hook up for future spa hook up. Garage with plenty of storage top and bottom including attic space. You can convert into 4 bedroom or nursery if you like.

What is a slow rise spring roller blind? The slow rise spring mechanism we use on our blinds is the most refined and reliable spring system we have on the market. They are just as easy to install as a chain operated roller blind and even easier to operate. From there you can set the amount of tension on the spring to adjust the speed it rises back up at to suit your needs. How does the blind work? There is a spring mechanism inside the roller tube that holds tension on the fabric.

Within this mechanism are a number of ball bearings that drop into slots as you operate the blind. As a result you can pull the blind down and stop it every few cm as you wish. When you want to take the blind up, simply pull again on the base of the blind and guide it back up. Is the blind safe for a nursery?

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WhitsonGordon March 24, , 6: The closer you follow these instructions to the letter, and in the proper order, the less chance you have of running into a problem. Their current lineup consists of:

As far as blinds go, this one is unusual. It’s proof that the most unexpected of people can hook up. Back in the day, this permanent A-list actor-who-does-everything was already reaching superstar status.

Thanks for joining our community! Lots of times people have to get crafty because they’re working around rules and regulations for what’s allowed to be mounted what and where, so there should at least be one solution for you. If it’s the latter, then I would suggest looking into Gila window film as a possible alternative. This is an easy to use choice for gaining extra privacy and is completely removable later on, so you have no worries about causing any problems with the windows or being hassled for it later.

Aside from that, we can look at how to hang the curtains easier and without drilling or making any nail holes. How heavy are the curtains and what size are they? I would look into finding a lightweight curtain if possible and removing any unnecessary length that will add extra weight to it. From here, you can approach it a number of different ways: Hanging with the 3M brackets like you had mentioned Depending on how heavy the curtain is will dictate how many brackets you’ll need.

Some curtains come pre-made with grommet holes called ” top grommet curtains ” and those will work good for our purposes. If they don’t though, you can add your own grommets to the curtain with a grommet kit. The longer and heavier the curtain, the more grommet holes you’ll need. A hook like this Brushed Nickel Medium 3 lb.

Easy Way to Hang Curtains

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