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Drum Collection

Fireandicedating com Dating slingerland drums by serial number “Robin Melville: Also, Ned Ingberman has an excellent website with loads of information. There are a few Facebook trading pages as well where prices tend to be lower. However, quite a few people have taken chances and lost money due to scammers. I’ve learned a lot about vintage gear in the last 10 years from simply reading people’s descriptions. So when a kit is described as ‘Ludwig Super Classic 13″, 16”, 22″‘, then you are immediately up against all the Ludwig collectors. Cymbals for cracks, centre key-holing, edge dings. It is much easier to make an assessment if you can inspect a kit first-hand. Cymbals need checking for ‘flea bites’, hairline cracks, key-holing – and associated radial cracks – warping, dents, scratches, over- cleaning This often involves searching around for matching hardware and other matching items.

How to Date Slingerland Drums

NEWS Vintage drums for sale. All sales will be paid through PayPal. You will receive an itemized invoice with the make, model, and serial if there is one. Send contact information with a brief description and please include photos.

Dec 27,  · Vintage Drums; I need help identifying a Slingerland tom; I need help identifying a Slingerland tom but since I don’t know too much about dating a drum I knew this was the best place to ask. I plan on keeping it original, I like how it’s different than most drums. At best, it’ll be cleaned up and I’ll find a way to incorporate it into.

One for the drummers out there, and especially those of you trying to emulate Genesis. Not too much tech-talk in this one, so it should be readable for other people too. The journalist, Dave Fudger, also played bass for the punk band Snivelling Shits — a band that also had a couple of his pals from Sounds playing in it, among them a certain Mr.

Great name for a band by the way! Which xciting, xtravagant, xtremely x-rated, xquisitely xtroverted band sends you into flights of xtasy? On top of all this stuff, apart from rehearsing the new four-piece Genesis he has been taking out on the road an adventurous instrumental jazz-rock combo, Brand X, which demands from the man a totally different role from his part in Genesis.

There was a singer who played percussion, two guitarists, and a keyboard player and myself; oh, and Percy on bass. They were basically doing songs, funky songs, and they had a deal with Island Records and I started having a blow with them and it really worked well.

Image Gallery: slingerland snare

I just saw it, and you may want to check it out: Business history and dating guide, pages 64 color Wm. There’s always someone looking for something in the Vintage Wanted Section.

Slingerland Radio King Drums is on Facebook. To connect with Slingerland Radio King Drums, join Facebook today.

Popular among jazz drummers across Europe, Trixon drums became real innovators at a time when most drums were very similar in their looks and sounds. Their thin, three-ply shells metric sized gave a really lovely, resonant sound and came in the standard glitters and pearls of that era. The mounting sockets were unlike anything else on the market, with lovely attention to detail in the design of the tension screws and kick drum rods engraved with the Trixon logo.

The matching snare drum featured an internal parallel mechanism, with an ornate lever for throwing the wires on and off. In the early 60s, the lugs on the Luxus kits changed to the squarer variety with rubber plinths. In complete contrast to the Luxus, Trixon launched the Speedfire set, featuring an elliptical kick drum.

Slingerland 16

This information is provided by Gretch drums when you email them about badges. Thanks for your interest in dating your Gretsch drums. Here is some basic information on the manufacturing dates of Gretsch Drums. With two major fires at the Gretsch factories in the past, most of the historical records were destroyed including any documents referencing serial number details for drum production.

Slingerland serial number timeline: User’s review: The cell cycle or cell-division cycle is the series of events that take place in a cell leading to its division and duplication of its dna (dna replication) to. cooper’s vintage drums. sure to come slingerland serial number timeline here once more!, exedrin migrain, , treatment for oxycontin, =p, treasuress, %-[, pakistani music mp3.

The condition is clear in the photos. The binder contained everything he needed to land a big order including a catalog, parts list, product updates and the all important order form. Only a very small number of this limited edition Ludwig Silver Anniversary 6. The drum was made to commemorate the first 35 years of the legendary drum makers … Read More Slingerland? This set was refinished in about The drum belonged to a mid-western drummer named John Lindbloom who at one point played with The Tommy Dorsey band.

Lindbloom passed several years ago. The drum is in beautiful all original condition. This drum is older than I am and way better looking and I look pretty good! This is not a re-wrap or restoration. Original Classic snare wires.

Dating slingerland drums by serial number

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Rogers drums Ludwig Drums Drums – Art Drum & music Vintage Drums How to Play Drums Snare Drum Drum kits Drummers Forward Vintage Drum History is all about history for Ludwig Drum HIstory, Slingerland Drum History, Rogers Drum History and the History of Vintage Drums, Vintage Snare Drums amd Vintage Drum Sets.

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Vintage Drums, Legendary Sounds: Revisiting Trixon

Before you email your questions, use our Search Engine to look for information anywhere on the Mugwumps website. With approximately a quarter million visitors each year, the number of information requests, and the time it takes to research each instrument I can no longer offer this as a free service. Email for the fee structure. Thanks for your website. I remain confused about my old Vega 5 string banjo.

Slingerland Radio King, This stunning late ’s Slingerland Radio King snare drum arrived at the shop this week. What can I say, one of the nicest sounding Radio King snare drums I’ve had in the shop for some time – some just sing when you hit them!

I bought it in late February of in Windsor, Ontario from a guy that definitely looked dejected to be selling it, although his wife looked quite pleased. It was originally a blue and silver duco with an oval Chicago badge which is now missing. Even then, the enamel was pretty scratched and chipped so when the weather warmed up, I undertook to repaint it. I wasn’t very successful. In later years, I tried using different contact paper covers.

Around , I bought a set of Ludwigs and put my Radio Kings in the attic. My brother started drumming and these became his first set too. He undertook several serious attempts at repainting, but eventually, they ended up in my parents’ unheated garage In the summer of , I reclaimed the drums and started a major refurbishing of the drum kit. The floor tom and the bass drum were both missing lugs and other hardware, so I hit Ebay for parts.

Radio King Restoration

Drum badge Slingerland catalog Slingerland is a drum manufacturer originally based out of Chicago, Ill. The drum brand was famously played by Buddy Rich, who’s still considered one of the greatest drummers of all time. Clues to be used in dating a Slingerland drum can be found all around the drum and can help you occasionally home in on an exact date of the drum.

The lack of accurate serial number recording and large overlaps and reissues of shell veneers and labels can make dating the drums slightly more difficult than other drum brands.

The Gibson Les Paul and SG Standards are classic models that share a common heritage, as well as most of their essential ingredients. But they also have their differences, and while one can often sub for the other, each has its distinct personality.

The solid walnut shell maple reinforcement rings was in great shape and only needed a slight coat of lemon oil to clean it up. Slingerland solid walnut shells were introduced in and lasted until which is generally considered the end of the solid shell era for a number of drum manufacturers A nice leftover artifact from yesteryear is the factory penciled “artgold” on the inside of the shell. All 10 of the brass flat head wood screws were intact and in very good shape.

The Tone Flange on this drum is the aluminum version with holes and fits nicely on to the shell, which is not always the case as these Tone Flanges can be very finicky at times The Artgold hardware was in very good shape with less than normal wear, so a restoration was not needed, just a light cleaning with Simple Green and a finish coat of 3-In-One oil.

Anyone that owns a drum like this is well aware of the “pure joy” we all share when we attempt to put a top batter head onto the Tone Flange A nice Slingerland slunk head and the original James Snappi wires rounded out this cleaning. The following is from Rob Cook’s Slingerland Book first edition: The tension rods thread directly into the lugs.

How to Date Premier Drums

Premier drums was founded in the United Kingdom in The company has been sold a few times but remains based in the United Kingdom. Premier drums are serial numbered and branded “British Made” or “Made in England.

(Book). Slingerland is one of the greatest drum companies of all-time. Rob Cook has lovingly compiled the Slingerland story, with detailed chapters on the family, the Boston background, the company through the decades, Slingerland endorsees and personnel, the .

Hidehitters – Lots of vintage drums, my personal collection, info etc. Historic Percussion – A research page on historic percussion. Jedistar – Vintage drum identification and dating information. King Louie Music – Vintage drums; has pictures! Sunday, November 13, RL’s Vintage Percussion – Vintage drums for sale, also services including recovering,custom painting, interior refinishing, shell,bearing edge and extra hole repair. Restoring of original wrapped finishes. Rare Vintage Percussion – Rare collection of classic vintage studio quality drums.

Rob’s Used Drums Emporium – Free ezine about vintage drums and collecting, vintage drum repair services, links to used drums sites, and more. Rockhaus – Milwaukee, WI. An interesting variety of used and vintage guitars, drums, amps, effects, and parts. Song Bird Music – used and vintage musical instruments. Vintage Drum Appraisal Service – Vintage Drum Center’s appraisal service, plus an extensive system on ”How to Inspect a Vintage Drum” online in a printable format, plus other technical articles.


Once you get bitten by the vintage drum bug Master-engraver John Aldridge concurs that he has never seen this engraving pattern either so this pattern is now in his engraving photo archives. This drum came to me with all original parts except top and bottom heads and in good but dirty condition.

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Vintage Drum Guide Search our web sites! Please support this web site project and visit our special links pages for Ebay, Amazon and other music merchants online. Click Here after you are done with your research and if you plan on buying anything on Ebay, Amazon or other select music merchants. Welcome to the History of Slingerland Drums section of the web site. From here you should be able to gather information to determine what slingerland drums you have and what year they were made.

What you might not know if you are new to vintage drums is that manufacturers did not keep accurate serial number records. Inventory control was not an important part of drum making.

Slingerland Kit played by Bobby Schayer

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